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I work with people in all areas of their life from wellness to relationships to personal adornments to create an extraordinary life worthy of rejoicing and respecting.

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I work with people in all areas of their life from wellness to relationships to personal adornments to create an extraordinary life worthy of rejoicing and respecting. Based on identifying desires and passions, I offer a personalized approach to accessing your unique and special resources. Through an investigation of energy and desire, I use yoga, meditations, light work through Reiki, re-visioning techniques and my professional experiences as a fashion stylist, professional organizer, as well as yoga and meditation expert, Reiki master and designer to create, cultivate and curate the perfect magical experience for You.

I also invite you to check my Sizzle and Shine Method that is designed to turn an ordinary day into your extraordinary life! I am looking forward connecting with you.

Honors and Awards:
“Best Yoga Teacher” by New York magazine in 2003 and 2004

New York City’s “Power Women on the Rise for 2006″ by New York Moves magazine, October 2006

Selected as one of NYC’s “most centered” teachers by Page Six Magazine


Steph is insightful and inspiring! She is a master at translating real life difficulties and transitions into meaningful life lessons. As a colleague and a friend, she has supported me through difficult times and helped me change my perspective to positive light. She creates deep, soulful experiences for growth, release and expansion in life. Stephanie is an amazing teacher all around. I learn something new and heal a little every time I am round her.

Tracy Matthews
Founder and Director of Tracy Matthews & The Flourish & Thrive Academy and

Stephanie takes one look at me and with a twirl of her finger, can dig around in my suitcase, cosmetic and jewelry bags and turn me from dowdy to divine in an instant, using just what I have on hand. Amazing. She always makes me feel loved and beautiful. She sees the magic in me and helps me to bring it out.
Stephanie is the best shape-shifter you'll ever have the pleasure of working with. If you're looking to step up your game, step into your beauty and grace, Stephanie will hold out her hand. Take it, and you'll step into this magical realm of YOU that you always knew was there but just forgot how to access. What are you waiting for? Magic awaits.

Leza Lowitz
Writer & Yoga Teacher

Just being in Stephanie´s presence has given me a lot of calm. She listens, understands and observes from a sensitive and sacred viewpoint, always keeping in mind to stay focused on the self and not blaming others. I enjoyed very much new year's eve, when she asked me to look back ten years in my life and then to look forward ten years and to set my goals. I also love the simple word she used for me once when I felt overwhelmed at some choices I had made, she used the word, ¨reboot¨ which I now do all the time when things don't work out the first time around!
I like that Stephanie is just as ¨real¨as any of us. It feels like we are growing and resolving difficult things in our lives together. Being in her presence is magical! I feel calm, loved and listened too. I often look at her as both a sister and a teacher and I like that combination!"

Anna Fischer

To know Stephanie and to know that anything is possible is amazing. The work with Stephanie is an endless process of growth and that's what's so beautiful about it. I love working with Stephanie and would recommend the ceremonial gift of being with her to anyone.

Magical Ring Maker

Stephanie's work should be described as heart work because that is what it is. She doesn't do everything for you, instead she makes you believe in yourself enough that you can do it for yourself. She has guided me to connecting with and revealing my true self in the most inspirational, peaceful, purposeful and magical way!

Abbie Finfrock

Stephanie has facilitated the most amazing inspirations in meditation during yoga class. She introduces her students to many life-changing ideas that certainly touch me very deeply! Despite having studied philosophy and religion…Stephanie's classes always leave me feeling extremely inspired to continue thinking about the ideas she shared with us. I also just feel very close to myself and in balance in a way that I don't nearly feel after classes of other yoga instructors. Stephanie is a very special person that has so very many valuable insights to share. An extremely positive and special influence in my life!

Tony Seaboyer

Stephanie brings a beautiful blend of creativity, love, knowledge, and authenticity to all her projects. During my work with her my awareness has increased to make love the bottom line. She is a master teacher and one to include on your top 1% team!

Alissa Finerman
Business Coach | Speaker | Author of Living in Your Top 1%

Practicing yoga with Stephanie is a form of coming/going home for me. I have studied in countless classrooms and practiced "out in the field" with her for so many years now, that no matter what kind of an emotional, mental or physical space I happen to be in, I always return to myself. I strongly sense that other yogis share my genuine devotion in communing with Stephanie on the mat. Take her class for a new perspective. Opportunity. And an aura I refer to as "being under the Stephulence"--it is similar to a warm buzz of spiritual love and guidance.

Heather Zises
Writer and Curator of (READ)artNY

Stephanie is my personal Bodhisattva. I gave her this nickname because in every situation, she has always offered me compassionate, heart-felt wisdom. I am grateful to know her. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone who wants to lift their vibration and shine their light brighter.
-Alexander Hamilton Dunlop
The Center for Spiritual Nutrition

I came to Stephanie after losing two of the most important people in my life. I didn't know why but had a feeling it would just make sense as it unfolded. Stephanie found neverending ways to help heal me. I could see how natural it was to her to see beyond all the stuff and hit on only what matters. I trusted her and I am so grateful that I did.

The first day we worked together, I told Stephanie that I wanted what she had and she responded, 'if you see it then it is within you already'. And so it was. I see that more clearly everyday.

To describe our work together thus far I would say its been peaceful but riveting, still but creative, present but all-encompassing, comforting yet challenging…I could say so much more, but you should really work with Stephanie to experience her work in your life.

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