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Maryanne Savino
Ritual Temple Dancer & Chantress, Sonic Alchemyst andn Intuitive Empathic Channel

I feel blessed to be connected to higher consciousness in my work as an Intuitive Empathic Channel. Years of study as a Temple Dancer from various exotic cultures such as Hawai'i and Egypt have inspired me to share their dynamic & sensual movements with others. I also bring to my work the elemental forces of creation - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit for healing and transformation.

There's been a progression in my life to express an internal vibrational sound as a result of movement and the breathing associated with it. They have activated in me unique sound frequencies. These sounds have helped me to transcend consciousness and have been very powerful for the enhancement of others.

This pathway of Sacred Sound and Sacred Dance has guided me on an empowering and transformative journey to self-discovery, self-love and self-healing. 

Having had a direct bout with cancer, and also previously diagnosed with fibromaylgia, has instilled in me a deep dedication to help others overcome their traumas and health challenges.

For the past 20 years, I have served many people both privately and in groups to achieve personal growth, empowerment and transformation.

My mission in life is to assist individuals to access their infinite potential and to live more passionately and authentically as the embodiment of Divine Love. 

I feel such gratitude in my Heart to have traveled to Hawai'i, Canada, Egypt, Israel and other parts of the United States where I have studied and developed many skills and awakened my unique abilities to further serve humanity and to assist with the healing & transformation of Mother Earth.

My Background

Hawai'ian Shamanism, Mayan Womb Massage, Intuitive Development, Sacred Geometry, Channeling, Goddess Spirituality, Vibrational Alchemy, Yoga, Sacred Temple Dances, Breath & Movement Meditation, Vocal Harmonics, Chanting, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Sound Healing, Continuum Movement, Massage & Aroma Therapy, and Flower Essence Therapy.

I’m available for private sessions, classes, joyshops, healing circles and retreats.

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