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The Heart River Center, in New York, was founded in 1997 by the spiritual teacher and healer, Peter Roth. It provides an intimate environment for students to explore and raise spiritual consciousness and develop their intuitive gifts.

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As a “healing school”, Heart River focuses on the source of imbalance and addresses the psycho-emotional story around the issues and looks at the most promising opportunities to unplug from the struggle. The center helps students to understand the deeper meanings of life and attain specific tools that augment their paths in attaining wholeness and personal empowerment.

Peter and other professional intuitive healers teach classes on various methods of healing including kinesiology, the morphogenetic field, and energetic resonance to name a few.The primary teacher at Heart River is its founder, Peter Roth. Mr. Roth has been teaching about intuitive healing, health, spirit, and fitness in New York since 1974. His work has been featured in national publications and, currently, in the book “Healing Spirits, True Stories about 14 Spiritual Healers”. Occasionally, guest instructors are invited to teach special classes and a number of students are now student-teaching. The school also offers classes in the Human Design System.

Providing opportunities for advanced students, including legally ordaining them as healing ministers, is part of Heart River’s mission. The school has a number of practical themes to advance and harness students’ abilities. It teaches students to develop “inner hearing” and to learn to access “higher information” from the Universe.

Students learn to receive detailed “intuitive” information about the patterns of their life as well as the lives of others. These insights impact one’s self-knowledge and self-empowerment and allow for more positive and healing choices. Classes focus on levels of awareness that integrate their energy systems with their hearts to create feelings of inner strength and harmony.

Students continuously evolve and fine tune the diverse skills taught in the school. In the process, Heart River provides a supportive community for each student’s unique abilities. The center wishes to empower students individually rather than expect them to fit the form of others. They are guided to discover how they themselves tune into energy. Students explore higher consciousness and their personal growth in an environment of enthusiasm and mutuality.

The Heart River Center, Inc. is legally incorporated as a Church and is a not-for-profit organization. As such, students who complete their studies can be ordained as healing ministers and perform ministerial duties, such as offering healing to others and legally marry people. The school has been publicly supported by grants from individuals, private foundations and matching grants. All tax deductible donations are welcomed.


Contact us for specific classes locations. All calsses are held in Manhattan, generally in the midtown area

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