Babycakes offers all-natural, organic and delicious alternatives free from the common allergens: wheat, glutein, dairy, cassein and eggs. Sugar is used sparringly in small amount of products. Instead of honey Babycakes uses stevia or agave nectar.

Contact Information

248 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY, East Coast, USA

phone: view phone212-677-5047




Babycakes, located in the art deco, retro interior offers variety of vegan baked goods, and a shade-grown, fair-trade coffee. From delicious vegan doughnuts, carrot cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, or pound cake. Our customers love them all. The old time favorite is Cinnamom Toastie. What's yours? Come to find out....

Counter service and delivery.

Hours of work

Mo 10am-8pm
Tu-Th 10am-10pm
Fr-Sa 11am-11pm
Su 10am-8pm