BOOKSIGNING: Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Stuff in Your Body-A Kyo/Jitsu Approach


When: 06/16/2018

Time: 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Location: NY Open Center

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22 East 30th Street Manhattan, New York, NY, East Coast, USA 10016


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Phone: 212-219-2527



In this talk we will explore Cathy Thompson's practical and holistic lens, based on Shiatsu principles, for viewing and working with imbalance within the body and within any system. This lens will enable you to enable you to use whatever tools and methods you choose, either as a practitioner, teacher, client/patient or explorer, more creatively and effectively. The Thompson Method is for anyone, and was particularly developed through work with singers, releasing, strengthening and aligning the body as an Instrument of expression, vocal or otherwise, is at its core. I will also share some of the intense nature of the creation story of this mother/daughter book that bridges death and life, suffering and love. Come share and celebrate!