About Holistic New York 

Holistic New York has been born out of a long time need for a comprehensive local online resource for Holistic, Green & Healthy living. The idea to create a brand of holistic city guides has been born 10 years ago (September 2003 to be exact), and long in the making, mostly because it was way ahead of its time, and make it happen was a way out of the reach of its creator. The type of technology needed was in its infancy, and unless you were a professional coder could not simply afford this kind of endeavor. However the dream and the need was kept alive, and fast forward 10 years, after countless of hours and sleepless nights, Holistic New York, the first in the line of Holistic City Guides was born.

How are we different and why we are here?

We are the first truly comprehensive online holistic city guide that brings you the resources for holistic, green and healthy living. True Body, Mind & Spirit.

We believe this is a new world where emphasis on wellness, conscious consuming, spirituality, alternative healing and green living is, and will be more and more in the forefront. We are happy to be part of this change, making it easier than ever for New Yorkers and visitors alike to find the resources they need to make positive, healthy choices in their lives and in the life of this great city. We truly believe we all make difference and contribute not only to our and our family's wellbeing, but also wellbeing of our community, our city, and ultimately the world. If we all make healthier choices, support, local and organic farmers, make greenes choices, our planet will be a happier, healthier place to live. We are here to intorduce you the multitide of services, practitioners, products, classes, and happenings, to support you to make these choices. 

"Whether you need to find massage therapist, reiki practitioner, vegetarian restaurant or that gluten free bakery, we have you covered. From organic juice bars to holistic and green services, to the latest classes, workshops, events, and special deals, it is all here under one roof". 

What is an advantage of a local city guide?

We can truly focus on a one city at a time. As you might have experienced many national business directories, even though they cover whole United States, rarely are very comprehensive, or targeted (holistic living) and usually have the biggest coverage of their own backyard, but fall behind to provide truly comprehensive local resources across the board. Trust us, our guide has been created for that very reason.

Why do you call your Guide Premier?

Because we go a step further than your usual guides and directories. We do verify the experience and education of each wellness practitioner listed in our directory. 

What else we would like people to know about Holistic New York?

That they can access HolisticNewYork.com via their computers, as well as from their phones, as our website is mobile friendly. You will be also able very soon to download our app. You will be able to see what resources are in your immediate surrounding, wherever you are in NYC, as well as see calendar of Events, and Deals from our Service providers, and more.

Holistic New York - Your Premier City Guide to Holistic, Green and Healthy Living in NYC

Holistic Practitioners, Services, Products and Events All Under One Roof