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You are what you eat, and believe it or not, that means your moods are an extension of your diet. Learn 8 steps from Dr. Millie how to balance your mood.

“What are the most important supplements to take?” There is no one-fit all answer....Find out the top 5, safest dietary supplements on Dr. Millie's list, that majority of people can benefit from.

The old-fashioned diet is outdated, and the calories in/calories out concept is antiquated. Yo-yo dieting has damaged the body-engine of millions of Americans. Learn how you can break fat storing mode and switch the body’s response to fat burning...

Do you suffer from Histamine Intolerance? Get hives when you eat celery? Are some fruits spicy? Do you get a tingling sensation on your tongue when you eat apples or avocado and other symptoms? You could be...

Learn how to keep your skin beautiful from the inside out. You will learn valuable things about your skin you might not have known..

An important Public Service Announcement about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. read hoe to protect yourself and your children, the risk factors, natural protocol, and more...

Anti-aging starts in the mind, so plan for a healthy future and take small but brisk steps daily to prepare yourself for your next 50, 70 or 90 years of life. It's never too early..

Learn from Dr. Millie the 5 Principles of Functional Medicine Vs. 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. The two main emerging branches of medicine favored by people looking for alternative health care professionals.